Heroes of the Storm Wiki

Cosmetic Item are items that you can use to customize Heroes of the Storm. These modifications are purely visual or vocal and do not affect mechanics or gameplay. They are forged with Shards, bought with Gold or obtained via opening Loot Chests. Some are also optainable by Hero Level progression.

Purchasable[ | ]

  • Portraits: Icons used to represent players on the team select and match loading screens.
  • Sprays: Sprays an icons on the terrain.
  • Banners: "Raise a flag whenever you assert your dominance on the battleground." i.e. Take a fort.
  • Emojis: “A massive collection of stylized and Hero specific Emojis make chat much more expressive in and out of game."
  • Voice Lines: "Cheer on your team or taunt enemies with funny voice lines."
  • Announcer Packs: "You can choose your favorite Hero to call out the game for you."

Hero Level Rewards[ | ]