Competition mounts are awarded to players who place during a season of Ranked Play; alternatively, other competition mounts are available to all players for a limited time to commemorate a team's victory in the Global or World Championships. Once that time has passed, the mounts are no longer available for crafting or purchase in the Collection interface.

Ranked Play mounts Edit

Elemental Lizard - Orange Elemental Stag Elemental Wolf - Orange Cybersteed - Master
Elemental Lizard Elemental Stag Elemental Wolf Cybersteed
Epic Elemental Lizard - Orange Epic Elemental Stag Epic Elemental Wolf - Orange Epic Cybersteed - Master
Epic Elemental Lizard Epic Elemental Stag Epic Elemental Wolf Epic Cybersteed

World and Global Championship mounts Edit

Nexagon1 2015 Spring Mount 2016 Summer Nexagon Fall Champion's Mount 2016
2015 Champion's Nexagon 2016 Spring Champion's Mount 2016 Summer Finals Nexagon 2016 Fall Champion's Mount

Patch changes Edit

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