Claudio Gentilini

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Claudio Gentilini
Claudio Gentilini.jpg
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Game Producer
Projects Heroes of the Storm

Claudio Gentilini is a Game Producer at Blizzard Entertainment's Heroes of the Storm development team.

Background[edit | edit source]

Claudio Gentilini manages the hero and live balance design groups for the company’s online team brawler. He oversees development of new heroes in their various states of production and coordinates between the many groups that work on a hero from concept to implementation, including art, sound, UI, video, and community. He also oversees the development of all balance patches, working with the balance lead and team to target everything from large hero balance updates to minor balance tweaks.

Gentilini joined Blizzard Entertainment in 2007 as part of the technical support team as a phone and forum representative. He went on to join the StarCraft II development team as a production assistant before becoming the first producer at Blizzard to work on Heroes of the Storm. Before joining Blizzard, Gentilini worked for Square Enix’s mobile gaming division.

Gentilini holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara. He enjoys making craft beer in his spare time and his brews have placed first in competitions where his brews outscored over 400 competitor concoctions. He’s also recently begun making his own charcuterie, salting and preserving meats using techniques that reach back to his Italian roots.[1]

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