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Bruiser heroes are tough fighters that are capable of putting out some damage.

Bruiser is a class of hero in Heroes of the Storm. They are focused on survival with high damage output. There are currently 17 Bruiser heroes.

The Bruiser heroes when the role was implemented.

List of Bruiser heroes[]

Hero Franchise Info
StarCraft StarCraft A tough Bruiser who deals high damage if the enemy team is unable to shut him down.
Warcraft Warcraft A potent Bruiser who will dominate if the enemy team is lacking mobility.
Overwatch Overwatch A hard-to-kill Bruiser who can peel enemies away from her allies with high disruption.
Warcraft Warcraft A massive Unstoppable Dragon who can withstand punishment while dishing it out, but is unaffected by allied Abilities.
StarCraft StarCraft A Bruiser with a strong, global presence who can effectively clear groups of Minions.
Warcraft Warcraft A Summoner who specializes in controlling key areas of the battleground.
Warcraft Warcraft A chaotic Bruiser who deals heavy area damage and can create terrain.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo An all-in Bruiser who leads the charge with strong initiation and single target damage.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A Bruiser who deals high damage against teams with many high Health Heroes.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A Bruiser who marks his enemies, shredding away high Health enemies.
Warcraft Warcraft A Bruiser who can nullify enemy pushes against his Forts and Keeps.
Warcraft Warcraft A Bruiser who with his bear, Misha, expertly controls an area of the battleground.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A Bruiser who's great at capturing Mercenary camps and likes to dive into the enemy team.
Warcraft Warcraft A Bruiser who can hold his own in a lane of battle.
Warcraft Warcraft A Bruiser who can flex into dealing damage or protecting his team.
Diablo (franchise) Diablo A Summoner who can push multiple lanes with ease.
Warcraft Warcraft A deliberate melee Bruiser whose heavyweight abilities reward investment and careful timing.
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