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Behold, the Boost!


Boosts are consumable items that increases the amount of experience (for out-of-game Hero Level and Player Level progression) by an additional 100% and gold by 150% gold per match until they expire. A Boost's bonuses applied on end-of-game score screens for each match the user completes while the Boost is active.

Additionally, all players on a team will receive 5% bump in experience for each active Boost at the end of each match. That mean players can receive up to a 45% XP bonus if all 10 players in game have a Boost active. In addition to these stacking Boost XP buffs, you’ll also be able to retroactively Boost your Gold and XP gains at the end of a match by applying a Boost from the Score Screen.

A player is also notified of their active Boost’s remaining duration in the chat box upon logging into the game. The timer begins from the moment a Boost is purchased and continues in real time (not game time).

Players should keep in mind the following:

  • A Boost’s XP bonus will only affect a player's out-of-game Hero Level and Player Level progression, and has no effect on actual gameplay during a match.
  • Boost benefits are additive. This means the bonuses they provide are added to the base amount of XP or gold a player receives by playing a game.
  • A Boost's duration can last between one day and 360 days depending on what the player obtains as a reward or purchases. If a Boost is currently active, purchasing or receiving an addition Boost will extend the current duration. Boost are not paused or extended for maintenance downtime.


Boost can be received as a reward or purchased in varying durations.

  • 1 Day — Common reward
  • 3 Days — Rare Rare reward
  • 7 Days — Gem.png400 or Epic Epic reward
  • 30 Days — Gem.png1,000
  • 360 Days — Gem.png9,000
  • A free 7 day Boost is granted at player level 10
  • A 7 day Boost is included in the "Starter Bundle"


  • Boost were formerly known as Stimpack.


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