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Bloodlust Brawl
Bloodlust Brawl.jpg
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives

Heroes duke it out in Dragon Shire while Bloodlust is cast on them at random. Embrace your anger!

Lanes 3
Announcer Lady of Thorns
Realm King's Crest
Release Date Jan 20, 2017
This week’s brawl is the Bloodlust Brawl. Embrace your inner beast and lay waste to your enemies with the powers of the Orcish horde![1]

Bloodlust Brawl is a Brawl in Heroes of the Storm. It's a modified version of Dragon Shire.


  • Shuffle Pick
    • Choose from one of three randomly selected Heroes before entering the battle on Dragon Shire. Be quick about it though, you only have 30 seconds to choose!
  • Bloodlust!
    • Every 30 seconds, after the gates open, two players on each team gain the effects of Rehgar’s Bloodlust.
      • There is a 15% chance that all Heroes will receive Bloodlust.
    • After 17:00, all players gain a permanent Bloodlust.
    • The Dragon Knight and all Mercenary camps are permanently under the effects of Bloodlust.
  • Be the first team to take down the enemy Core to claim victory!


Bloodlust Brawl portrait

Complete two matches of Bloodlust Brawl to earn a Loot Chest!


  • The Brawl previously rewarded players with 1,000 Gold and the Bloodlust Brawl portrait for completing two matches of Bloodlust Brawl.