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Kyle Blackthorne
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Franchise Blackthorne (franchise) Blackthorne
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This article is about the hero, Blackthorne. For the franchise, see Blackthorne (franchise).

Blackthorne is a proposed hero hero from the Blackthorne franchise.[1]

Blackthorne was listed as a hero character in 2013.[2] As of December 2014, concepts for him exist.[1] At BlizzCon 2017, Blackthorne's inclusion was again considered, but no date could be given.[3]

In September 2020 Lead Game Designe Brett Crawford said: Oh my, how did I not expect this to be asked…who would have guessed that so many people are in love with Kyle Blackthorne! His name is brought up to me almost every day – at this point it has become a meme around the (virtual) office. While I would be super excited to see him enter the Nexus, I am holding strong picket-lines for a few other crowd-favorites first.[4]

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