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Blackheart's Bay
Blackheart's Bay Art.png
Battleground Information
Unique Objectives
  • Collect doubloons from chests and creeps
  • Bring 10 doubloons to Blackheart
  • Blackheart will fire his cannons at the enemy forts
First Objective 1:30 minutes
Subsequent Objectives 3:00 minutes after both chests break (paused during cannon firing event)
Lanes 3
Announcer Blackheart
Realm Mistharbor
Release Date March 13, 2014
The ghost pirate Blackheart has staked his claim upon the realm of Mistharbor. His raucous undead pirate crew has poured onto the streets, claiming the once thriving marketplace as their new den of vice and villainy.[1]

Blackheart's Bay is a three-lane Battleground with a dock's theme set on Mistharbor. Its unique objective is Blackheart's ghostship which will bombard enemy buildings if a team can gain the ghostly pirate's favor by collecting Doubloons. Players can expect consistent clashes between the two teams because of the coordinated effort to manage doubloons alongside the normal map elements such as Mercenary Camps.

The first Doubloon Chest spawns 90 seconds into the match, following a 30-second warning. Doubloon Chests will spawn 3 minutes (paused during the cannon firing event after a team turns in enough Doubloons) after the final Chest of the previous event has been captured.

Map layout[]

The "Blackheart's Bay" battleground has three lanes with all of the objectives located near the middle and top lanes.

Blackheart's Bay map.jpg

Areas of interest[]

Minimapicon watchtower.png
Amount: 1
Location: One watchtowers overlooks the north sections of the map.
Description: Capture these to gain vision, until captured by the opposing team.
Minimapicon piratecaptain.png
Captain Blackheart
Amount: 1
Location: Located in the middle of the map between middle and bottom lanes.
Description: Spawns 1:15 min into the game and remains active for the rest of the game. Coins can be turned in to Blackheart, causing him lauch cannonballs toward the enemy structures.
Minimapicon treasurechest.png
Amount: 2
Location: Located close by lanes, north and south.
Description: Destroy a Chest to gain 5 Coins.

Mercenary Camps[]

There are ten Mercenary camps to be recruited in this battleground. Mercenaries are enabled during the Primary Objectives.

Minimapicon piratecamp.png Reward Camps
  • Amount: 4
  • Spawns: After 1 min and respawns 2:30 min after the Camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located at the bottom center and near bottom and middle gates on each side.
  • Description: Drops 2 Coins upon defeat.
Minimapicon merccamp.png Siege Camps
  • Amount: 2
  • Spawns: After 1 min and respawns 3 min after the Camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located near the bottom gates for each side. Moves down the bottom lane upon capture.
  • Description: Siege giants are found in groups of 2 and can easily take down enemy forts from outside the structures' attack ranges. Drops 2 Coins upon capture.
Minimapicon elitemerccamp.png Bruiser Camps
  • Amount: 3
  • Spawns: After 1 min and respawns 4 min after the Camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located at the bottom center and between middle and top lanes near each team's gates. Moves down the top or bottom lanes.
  • Description: Knights are 3 tanky frontliners and a single ranged "Wizard", who emits a spell armor aura to buff all nearby allies. Drops 2 Coins upon capture.
Minimapicon golemmerccamp.png Boss Camps
  • Amount: 1
  • Spawns: After 5 min and respawns 5 min after the Camp has been captured.
  • Location: Located at the top center. Moves down the top lane upon capture.
  • Description: The Grave Golem is Boss Camp, with lots of health and high damage and a delayed stun. It also periodically roots enemies in an area, dealing heavy damage over time. Drops 2 Coins upon capture.

Primary Objective[]

The Primary Objective revolves around gaining the favor of Blackheart to bombard the enemy base.

Core Ability: Cannonballs[]

  • Every 4 seconds, the Core will shoot a cannonball at 2 nearby enemy Heroes, dealing 5% maximum Health as damage, slowing them by 70% for 1.5 seconds, and knocking them back.

Collect Doubloons[]

Loadscreen blackheartsbay icon1.png

There are four main ways to obtain Doubloons: Treasure chests, Doubloon camps, Mercenary camps and stealing them from enemy Heroes. Any Doubloons on the game remain there indefinitely until picked up.

  • Treasure Chest: The first Doubloon Chest spawns 90 seconds into the match, following a 30-second warning. Treasure chests will spawn at the center of the map, one near the middle lane and one near the bottom lane. The chests can be attacked which will periodically make them drop a Doubloon (2 times in total); when a chest is attacked enough times, it explodes and drops 3 more Doubloons. These chests give a total of 5 doubloons, making them an important objective for teams to pay attention to. Doubloon Chests will spawn 3 minutes after the final Chest of the previous event has been captured (the timer is paused during the cannon firing event).
  • Doubloon Camps: There are two camps with Skeleton pirates that are easily captured - one on each side of the map - between the middle and bottom lanes. These camps are very easily captured and do not push a lane when defeated but do grant 2 Doubloons.
  • Mercenary Camps: Regular Mercenary Camps as on other maps are tougher to kill and also grant two Doubloons, but as with other maps will push the lane for your team upon capture. Each side has a Siege Camp (Giants) and Bruiser Camp (Knights) on their own side of the map. There is also a neutral Bruiser Camp (Knights) in a neutral position at the very bottom of the map and a Boss Camp (Golem) in a neutral position at the very top of the map.
  • Enemy Heroes: Heroes need to grab and hold the Doubloons by walking over them. If they die, all of the Doubloons that they held are dropped to allow other Heroes (on either team) to pick them up.

Turn in Doubloons[]

Loadscreen blackheartsbay icon2.png

At the center of the map, Blackheart and his ship wait for Heroes to bring him Doubloons. Heroes must channel for 8 seconds near Blackheart in order to give him doubloons. If the player is damaged while channeling, the channeling is interrupted. A team must give Blackheart 10 Doubloons to have cannonballs attack the enemy team's Structures. Subsequent turn-ins for that team increase the requirement by 2 Doubloons with each turn-in..

Bombard Your Enemies[]

Loadscreen blackheartsbay icon3.png
  • When Blackheart is assisting a team, he will despawn from the battlefield for 40 seconds and bombard enemy buildings to help destroy them. After 12 shots, Blackheart returns to being neutral and the doubloon count resets to 0 for the side that just got Blackheart.
    • Cannonballs each deal 2,815 damage directly to Structures and deal 750 splash damage to everything in a small radius around the impact.
    • The Cannonball attack order is:
      • Outer mid lane
      • Outer top lane
      • Outer bot lane
      • Inner mid lane
      • Inner top lane
      • Inner bot lane
      • Core
    • The first cannonball volley of the game (regardless of which side fires first) will always attempt to attack the external Towers and Gate and then Fort in mid lane before considering any other targets.
    • Within the outer lanes, the cannonball will randomly target the external Towers or Gate. Once all Towers and Gates for outer bases are destroyed, they will move on to targeting Forts. This process then repeats for inner bases with respect to the Towers/Gates then Keeps.


  • Booty Coffers is a Brawl set on a modified version of Blackheart's Bay.
  • Captain Blackheart's Treasure is a Tavern Braw whithin the digital card game of Hearthstone'. Notably, one of Blackheart's quotes - "Treasure for everyone! ...but mostly for me." - matches almost exactly the Brawl's introductory text, "The Captain left treasure for EVERYONE, but mostly for you!"
  • Clicking on the sharks strung up in the center area below Blackheart will eventually cause them to break free and jump back into the water.




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