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Beyond Reason is a professional Heroes of the Storm team based in North America.

Beyond Reason

The best things in life are Beyond Reason

Team Information
Creation date January 24, 2015
Location North America
Number of players 5


from the Beyond Reason Terms & Conditions that players agree to

"...Roger Bannister, the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. Previous to him doing so, it was commonly held that it was humanly impossible to run a sub-four-minute mile, doctors and coaches and such had come out saying so. The cool part about this story however, is that within a couple months of Bannister breaking the barrier, dozens of others had, and then hundreds, and now it’s a relatively common benchmark. My brother is a good runner, but by no means world class, and he’s run close to a 4-minute mile, with a couple years left before he reaches his prime. The current world record in the mile is 3:43.13, and believe me, there’s a reason they care about accuracy down to a hundredth of a second- every hundredth off the record is twice as hard as the one before it. The point of this anecdote is what is now common philosophy in the running world: mental limits we impose on ourselves are more restrictive than our physical limits. Now if that’s an advantageous philosophy for running, a physical activity, how much more applicable is it to the mental activity of an e-Sport? Our team name is Beyond Reason, because that’s where we want to be- ahead of the curve in the meta, blazing the trail in team synergy and communication, with others trying to pick up the pieces behind us. We want to be inventing and implementing new strategies and tactics for others to study and name after us. That’s what it means to be Beyond Reason. It means we don’t care about limits or what everyone agrees on as being possible."


Beyond Reason qualified for season 2 of Heroes Premium League in their debut tournament on January 24, 2015, and subsequently decided to become a formal team. After about 10 weeks of tryouts searching for the right people, a final 5-man roster was finally created in the first week of April. The roster consisted of Enoch "CarltheLlama" Warnke, Keith "DoctrineDark" Fishbein, Nathaniel "Faliteren" Rabinovich, Reece "BOSSFLOSS" Kelly, and SungHo "HoBO" Kim. Beyond Reason entered ESL Heroes of the Storm Open League 2015 Season 1 Americas and played their first match together on April 4, 2015 against Timed out Heroes going 2-0.

ESL Heroes of the Storm Open League 2015 Season 1 Americas[]

Group Stages[]

Group D
Beyond Reason
Timed Out Heroes
To Be Determined
Yeti Academy
Open League Placeholder #3
Bad Internet
Open League Placeholder #5

Match Score Date Points Total: 15
Beyond Reason vs Timed Out Heroes 2-0 April 4, 2015 +3
Beyond Reason vs Asthmadan 2-0 Apr 11, 2015 +3
Beyond Reason vs Bad Internet FF Apr 18, 2015 +3
Beyond Reason vs Open League Placeholder #5 2-0 April 25, 2015 +3
Beyond Reason vs Yeti Academy Upcoming May 2, 2015
Beyond Reason vs Open League Placeholder #3 2-0 May 9, 2015 +3
Beyond Reason vs To Be Determined Upcoming May 16, 2015

Titan Arena 3 Sponsored by MLG[]

Round Match Score Date
Round 1
Round 2 Beyond Reason vs The Rising Taquitos 2-0 April 18, 2015
Round 3 Beyond Reason vs Complexity 2-1 April 18, 2015
Semi Finals Beyond Reason vs Tempo Storm 0-3 April 19, 2015



ID Name Role Join Date Leave Date
CarltheLlama Enoch Warnke Support Jan 24, 2015
DoctrineDark Keith Fishbein DPS Apr 1, 2015
BOSSFLOSS Reece Kelly Tank Apr 1, 2015
HoBO SungHo Kim Flex Apr 1, 2015