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Map Specific[]

Battlefield of Eternity[]

Event Quote Audio Background
Draft Map (not available)
Briefing This is the Battlefield of Eternity.
Here, we show the angels of the High Heavens how foolish they are for defying us, though they never learn.
But you mortals could turn this endless battle in our favor.
Fight for me, and together, we will slay that arrogant wretch and all his kin.

(30 seconds before arrival)

Come, mortals. I must teach this fool a lesson... again.
On your guard, heroes. The unending war moves toward you!
Have you been waiting long? I am nearly there.
The angel will return soon. You must rip him apart!
I shall land shortly. I expect your welcome.
I will soon crush my enemy... And you will aid me.
Our conflict shall rage on shortly!
Arrival There is no escape for you but death, angel.
The Burning Hells shall reign over all!
Tremble before your true master!
Hell has always been the greater power, angel!
None can withstand me! Certainly no angel.
You angels shall know the taste of fear.
Second Phase

(Immortal at 50% health)

I never remain anywhere for long.
I will find his weakness!
As the shadows shift, so do I.
My foe will not expect this.
I tire of this stalling!
I am restless.
Beleth Wins Yes...
(dark, twisted laughter)
The minions of Hell have... pleased me.
Hah. I knew it would be simple.
It was almost too easy.
Beleth Enters Laning Phase Hurry, mortals! I move for the gates of Heaven.
I shall crush all you hold dear, angels!
The angel could not stop me. None of you can.
All of Heaven's glory will end in the claws of Hell.
Cries of agony will echo throughout the Heavens.
The gates of Heaven shall lie in ruins beneath my feet.
Beleth’s Laning Phase Ends My rage has not subsided. I will return, and then the Heavens will fall.
Enough. I must recover my strength.
I will find no rest until the light of Heaven is extinguished.
Make ready for my return, heroes. The angel will fall once more.
An immortal never truly dies. I will return and Heaven will fall.
Ilarian’s Laning Phase Ends A fine blow, but the angel is not dead--yet.
Hah, you have felled him for now. But he shall return.
Is his "grand march" over so soon? Enjoy your reprieve, mortals.
That was amusing to watch, but it will not be his end.
You made him suffer, I will give you that.
A deep wound... But it takes more than that to kill an angel.

Infernal Shrines[]

Event Quote Audio Background
Draft Map Infernal Shrines!
Briefing The Gardens of Hope will be corrupted from within. It is only a matter of time.
But the angels of the High Heavens still believe they can stop us. The fools.
Go and activate the Infernal Shrines.
Defeat their "guardians"
...and summon forth the Punishers to crush our foes.
Their power will seal the angels' fate. Forever.

(30 seconds before Shrine activation)

The shrine will be active soon. Prepare yourselves for the slaughter.
Another shrine will be ready soon.
A shrine gathers power. Claim it in my name!
Power gathers within the shrine. It will be made to serve us.
Be ready, a shrine gathers power. You will take it for me.
Shrine Active Go forth! Activate the shrine, slay its guardians! The Punisher will serve the Burning Hells!
Activate the shrine, quickly. The Punisher awaits. (laugh)
Loose the Punisher, heroes. Let it tear our foes apart.
The shrine. Activate it, now! The Heavens will fall before us!
You know what to do. Slay the guardians, unleash the Punisher. Go, now!
Allied Punisher Summoned Arcane (laughter) Good. This Arcane Punisher shall serve us well.
Come forth, Punisher. Level the High Heavens with your arcane power.
We have summoned an Arcane Punisher from the depths.
Frozen Excellent, we have summoned a Frozen Punisher.
Yes. You have bound a Frozen Punisher to our service.
Punisher, freeze the angels' forces... and shatter them. (dark laugh)
Mortar A Mortar Punisher heeds our call.
We have summoned a Mortar Punisher.
Let the Heavens fall before our Mortar Punisher.
Allied Punisher Defeated Our Punisher has been slain.
Heaven's forces have slain our Punisher.
No! Our Punisher has been slaughtered.
The enemy has defeated our Punisher.
Our Punisher has been felled.
Enemy Punisher Summoned Arcane The angels have taken what is mine! An Arcane Punisher comes for us.
Our foe has summoned an Arcane Punisher. Slay it, before it slays you!
An Arcane Punisher comes... End its wretched existence.
Frozen Our enemy has summoned a Frozen Punisher.
A Frozen Punisher has been sent against you, heroes.
A Frozen Punisher serves the High Heavens. Strike it down, quickly!
Mortar Our foe has summoned a Mortar Punisher.
The angels have brought forth a Mortar Punisher.
A Mortar Punisher has set its sights upon us. Kill it!
Enemy Punisher Defeated Their Punisher lies broken at our feet.
Finally. Their Punisher has fallen before us.
Good, it is dead. Now we punish them.
The angels' Punisher has been destroyed.


Event Quote Audio Background
Start of a Match Players spawning Prepare for battle, mortals.
Countdown The battle begins in...
Ten seconds.
Battle begins Let the battle begin!
The slaughter begins!
Show them that they came here to die!
Talents Unlocked Choose a talent.
Player Abandons A hero has left the battle.
Player Rejoins A hero returns to battle.
Player Kills Annihilated!
Brutalize them!
(dark laughter)
Enemy slain.
Double Kill Double kill.
Triple Kill Triple kill.
Quadruple Kill Quad kill.
Mega Kill Mega kill.
First Blood First blood.
Player Deaths You have been slain.
You will do better now, mortal.
Enough of that. There is no time to waste.
Those fools cannot best you again.
Fear not, mortal. Evil always finds a way.
Like shadows, we vanish briefly, then return.
Death on a Killing Spree Your killing spree is over.
Ally Death on a Killing Spree Your ally's killing spree has ended.
Enemy Team Wiped Enemy team dominated.
Killing Spree tier 1(5 takedowns) Killing spree.
tier 2(10 takedowns) Rampage.
tier 3(15 takedowns) Untouchable!
tier 4(20 takedowns) Hero of the Storm!
Enemy Fort Destroyed Fort destroyed.
An enemy fort falls to ruin.
The Heavens shall weep over that fort.
They will miss that fort, will they not?
(dark laughter)
Enemy Keep Destroyed Keep destroyed.
Keep razed.
Yes. Burn their keeps!
Own Fort Lost Our enemy has destroyed a fort.
What! One of our forts has fallen?
Our fort is lost!
Those imbeciles ruined our fort!
They have shattered our fort! Fight harder.
Own Keep Lost Keep lost.
We have lost a keep.
Our keep has fallen. What are you doing?
Core Is Under Attack Our core is under attack.
The enemy is attacking our core.
Victory Victory.
I knew you had your uses...
(victorious laughter)
Defeat Defeat.
Hell is never defeated for long...
The flames of Hell never truly extinguish.
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