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Battle Momentum [Passive]

Basic Attacks reduce your Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.

Tier 3 (Hero Level 7)

Battle Momentum was a generic Talent that provided cooldown reduction whenever the Hero Basic Attacks anything. It is an effective way of increasing the amount of Abilities cast in a fight as long as you are not disabled or killed.


Battle Momentum and related Talents are attack modifiers that reduce the cooldowns of (some of) the Hero's Abilities when the Hero's Basic Attack lands on an enemy. As such, Momentum does not trigger, if the target Evades the Basic Attack or the attacker is Blinded at the moment of impact.

Old versions[]

The original Talent used to also reduce Heroic Ability cooldowns, but it later changed, so that each Hero has their own unique version balanced around their Attack Speed and Abilities, and the original Generic Talent no longer exists on any Hero.[1]

Heroes with Battle Momentum[]

Modified version[]

  • Alarak's level 16 Talent, "Mocking Strikes", reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 1.5 seconds when hitting a hero, increased to 3 seconds if the target is disabled.
  • Azmodan's level 4 Talent, "Battleborn", reduces the cooldown of Demon Warrior by 0.75 seconds and Demon Lieutenant by 1.5 seconds on-hit.
  • Brightwing's level 4 Talent, "Magic Spit", reduces the cooldown of Soothing Mist by 5 seconds on-hit against Heroes.
  • Deathwing's level 13 Talent, "Fire and Fury", reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds and deals 30% more damage when attacking disabled enemies.
  • Fenix's level 16 Talent, "Arsenal Overcharge", reduces cooldowns of both Basic and Heroic Abilities by 0.5 seconds for every Hero hit.
  • Diablo's level 7 Talent, "Diabolical Momentum", reduces the cooldowns of "Shadow Charge" and "Overpower" by 1.5 seconds on-hit.
  • Johanna's level 16 Talent, "Blessed Momentum", reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds on-hit and grants her Attack speed.
  • Kerrigan's level 7 Talent, "Bladed Momentum", reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 0.6 seconds on-hit.
  • Kharazim's level 1 "Insight", reduces Basic Ability cooldowns by 1.5 seconds every 3rd hit after completing quest.
  • The Lost Vikings' level 16 Talent, "Impatience Is a Virtue", reduces all cooldowns by 0.3125 seconds per enemy hit by Basic Attacks.
  • Mephisto's level 13 Talent, "Shard of Hate", causes Basic Attacks to strike in an area and reduce Basic Ability cooldowns by 1 second per Hero hit.
  • Muradin's level 20 Talent, "Unstoppable Force", reduces cooldowns of Thunder Clap and Dwarf Toss by 0.75 seconds on-hit while his Avatar is active.
  • Thrall's level 20 Talent, "Elemental Momentum", reduces his Basic and Heroic Ability cooldowns by 0.25 seconds per hit, doubled against Heroes.
  • Zagara's Heroic Ability, "Nydus Network", gained Battle Momentum as passive component, causing Basic Attacks while on Creep to reduce all Ability cooldowns by 0.4 seconds on-hit.


These Heroes no longer have Battle Momentum as a Talent option.