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Attack Slow is a debuff that decreases a unit's Attack Speed. There is currently no visual indicator for Attack Speed debuffs, and a change in Attack Speed can only be seen by opening the unit's Target Info Panel. Attack Slow debuff can be removed by Invulnerable and most Stasis effects, but not by Unstoppable.

Attack Slows stack additively with all effects that can affect the target Hero's Attack Speed, but a Hero's total Attack Speed cannot be reduced below 25% of their base Attack Speed.


  • Arthas's ability, "Frozen Tempest", slows enemy attack speed by 10% per second, stacking up to 40%. The effect lasts for 1.5 seconds.
  • Muradin's ability, "Thunder Clap", slows enemy attack speed in its area of effect for 2.5 seconds.
    • His level 4 talent, "Reverberation", increases the slow to 50% and duration to 3.5 seconds.
  • Xul's ability, "Cursed Strikes", makes basic attack cleave and slow attack speed of enemy heroes and summons hit by 40% for 2 seconds.


  • "Imposing Presence" slows attacks speed of heroes and summons attacking the hero by 20% for 2.5 seconds. Can be activated to slow nearby enemy heroes' and summons' attack speed by 50% for 2.5 seconds.
  • Mei's level 13 talent, "Polar Vortex", creates an aura around her for 4 seconds after using an ability that slows the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%.
  • Rehgar's level 7 talent, "Grounded Totem", adds an additional effect to "Earthbind Totem", causing to also reduce nearby enemies' attack speed by 40%.
  • Rexxar's level 16 talent, "Primal Intimidation", slows attacks speed of heroes and summons attacking Rexxar and Misha by 20% for 2.5 seconds. Can be activated to slow enemy heroes' and summons' attack speed around Rexxar and Misha by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

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