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Storm ui announcer athena.png
Character Information
Title Athena
Race AI computer system
Voice actor Evelyn Duah

Athena is the announcer on Hanamura Temple. She can also be unlocked as an custom announcer for Money.png8,000.


Overwatch This section concerns content exclusive to the Overwatch universe.

Athena is the computer system for both Watchpoint: Gibraltar and the MV-261 Orca. She is Winston's only companion, helping him with tests as well as monitoring his health. In Recall, Athena works with Winston to develop his Barrier Projector and recall the Overwatch agents. She nearly gets hacked by Reaper, but is saved by Winston at the last second.


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  • In Overwatch, Athena serves as the one that announces events and objectives in matches, too. She also gives the player directions in the tutorial.
  • Athena's name is based off the Greek goddess Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration.

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