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Targetinfopanel armored gnoll.png
Merc Information
Base Health (Camp) 3420
Base Damage (Camp) 55
Base Health (Captured) 3760
Base Damage (Captured) 75
Attack Speed 0.53
Attack Range 1 (120 degree arc goes out to 2.5m)
Abilites Attacks apply a stacking -4% armor debuff per attack
Capture XP 180 XP + A XP per minute
Maps Alterac Pass
Spawns after 1:00 minutes
Respawn delay 1:30 minutes

Gnolls are Warcraft-themed Siege Camps found on Alterac Pass. They first spawn after 1:00 minutes into the game and respawn after 1:30 minutes.

One Gnoll Camp is found at the bottom left side, and the other one is found at the top right side of the middle lane. Gnolls can soak up much damage from towers and enemy minions. Enemies hit by their basic attacks will have their armor reduced for a few seconds. This armor reduction effect can stack.


Indigenous to both the Alterac Mountains and the Redridge Range far to the south, the hyena-like gnolls are extremely aggressive and are often found quarreling amongst themselves. Though relatively intelligent compared to most beasts, they are not very bright by human standards. They have been known to manipulate each other into fights over ridiculous things like "whose shadow is larger". It has often been stated that the gnolls would be quite a fearsome race, if they ever stopped tearing each other to pieces long enough to organize themselves into an army.[1]



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