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Targetinfopanel archangel.png
Merc Information
ID (Camp) TerranArchangelDefender
Base Health (Camp) 13000
Base Damage (Camp) 15
ID (Captured) TerranArchangelLaner
Base Health (Captured) 14000
Base Damage (Captured) 15
Attack Speed 16
Attack Range 4
Abilites Mortar, Bullet Storm
Capture XP 750 XP
Maps Braxis Holdout
Spawns after 5:00 minutes
Respawn delay 5:00 minutes

An Infested Archangel is a Starcraft-themed boss found on in the middle of Braxis Holdout. The boss starts out infected by the Zerg. After defeating it, it swoops in as a normal Archangel. He first spawns after 5:00 minutes into the game and respawn after 4:10 minutes.

The Archangel boss is found directly in the center of the map, sporting a ranged attack with a blistering fast attack speed but lower DPS and health than the ordinary boss. The Archangel has two abilities, a rectangular Bullet Storm that deals heavy damage to any heroes in its AoE – on a 15 second cooldown for the infested Archangel in the jungle, and on a 12 second cooldown for the captured, clean Archangel. The Archangel also has a mortar it fires off every 3 seconds that lands after 1 second for heavy damage.[1]

The Archangel will march into the least-pushed lane. If there is no clear decider, then it'll push a random lane.


The Archangel featured improved ground attack capabilities over the Viking. In addition to chaingun cannon, it carried ground-to-ground missiles, and blades were mounted under the cannon. The Archangel could strike ground targets in aerial mode with bombs. The force from landing was also hazardous. During the End War, Moebius Corps came into possession of an Archangel, and dispatched it to Char to aid Amon's forces in besieging Bama Kowalski's fortress on the planet. Kowalski wanted the Archangel for herself, and tasked the allied forces aiding in her defense to destroy it so she could salvage and rebuild it after the battle.[2]


Mortar [3]
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Fire a projectile at an enemy, landing after a short delay and dealing moderate damage in an area.

Bullet Storm [3]
Cooldown: 16.5 seconds

After a short delay, deal heavy periodic damage in a large rectangular area in front of you.


  • Archangel has a "K-4E0" text on top of it which is possible reference to one of the game developers, Kaéo Milker.
  • Infested Archangels are also featured as bosses on Deadman's Stand Brawl.