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Voice Lines[]

Availability Quote Audio
Default For the Frozen Throne!
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40 Feel the venom of Nerub!
A fatal mistake.
I feed upon your anguish.
I yearn for battle!


Hero Quote Audio
Emoji Arthas Pack 1 Arthas Meh.png


  • Anubarak: All hail, the Lich King.
  • Arthas: All will serve in death.
  • Arthas: Shall we, King?
  • Anub'arak: As long as you reign, I must obey.
Emoji Murky Pack 1 Murky Happy.png


  • Anub'arak: This is no place for a child...
  • Murky: <Response indicating he is excited and ready to fight>
  • Murky: <Playfully questioning the person next to him>
  • Anub'arak: Come again?
Emoji Zagara Pack 1 Zagara Meh.png


  • Anub'arak: Nice legs.
  • Zagara: Creep.
  • Zagara: You know, you would make a powerful addition to my Swarm.
  • Anub'arak: I am already shackled to the will of a monarch. I have no need for another.
Emoji Anub'arak Pack 1 Anub'arak Happy.png


  • Anub'arak: Are you ready for this?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: Ready to let loose your wrath?
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: (laughs) Of course.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: Always.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anubarak: Must you ask?
Emoji Anub'arak Pack 1 Anub'arak ROFL.png



  • Anub'arak:It seems fate has brought us together...
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: Let us slaughter in my master's name.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: Agreed.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: I look forward to it.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: I shall strip the flesh from their bones.
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: We shall crush our enemies!
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: Eternal agony awaits our foes!
Emoji Anub'arak Pack 1 Anub'arak Meh.png



  • Anub'arak: You...
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Hero: <hero dependent>
  • Anub'arak: I have no time to waste on you.


Hero Quote Audio
vs. Abathur I eat worms like you for breakfast.
vs. Arthas Finally, I am free of you!
vs. Leoric Your power pales before that of my master.
vs. Sgt. Hammer Your machines are nothing before the Scourge.
vs. Sylvanas You will find no peace in death, betrayer.
vs. hero with kill streak Pale before my might!
Generic F-lakkh shir!
Your soul shall sate the host.
Do you hear the master's voice?
The web of death is inescapable.
You have failed.


Quotes marked "Click-Quotes" are triggered when the player repeatedly clicks on the hero with the Left mouse button.

Quote Audio Background
Time is fleeting.
The strands of destiny weave only a web of death.
I am first among the Crypt Lords and a servant of the Lich King. I don't have to take this from you!
If you can feel the ground moving, it's already too late.
Raiiid-s!?! Is a reference to the Raid insecticide commercials
Ugh... Did anyone catch the name of that guild? Paragon, was it? References the guild Paragon, who scored the world first Anub'arak kill in the Trial of the Grand Crusader raid.[1]
You think I'm big? You should see my step-mother.
Ever notice how it's exactly when you get your purple items organized that heroes drop in unexpectedly?
The key to efficient webcrawling is proper distribution.
There is a saying in Azjol-Nerub: In the kingdom of the spiders, the giant carnivorous beetle is the king.
The fued between crypt lords and bloodlords is eternal.
Bugs this big become features.
Don't be a noob. Only I'm allowed to do that. Heh. I'm making that sound myself.
Ten more minutes of this abuse, and I will go berserk!


Command Quote Audio
Move By Nerub.
I'll see to it.
Death to the living.
The time is now.
So be it.
For the Frozen Throne.
As you command.
Attack Oblivion awaits!
Feel the venom of Nerub!
I'll consume the living and the dead!
Do not resist!
I will crush you!
The host descends.
Know my torment!
Not Enough


I'm low on mana.
No more mana.
I need more mana.



Quotes in this section trigger when the player is in the Collection tab.


Use Quote Audio
Lock-in For the Frozen Throne!
Purchase I will serve you beyond death.
Try Mode I will show you the strength of the crypt lords!
Agony awaits those who challenge me!
Healed I am renewed, servant.
You have done well, healer.
Hearthing I must retreat.
I must pull back, for now.
Respawn My service is eternal.
I rise again!
From the depths I come.
Resurrected Excellent timing.
Yes, I return!
Taunting This place will serve as your tomb!
Agony awaits you!
My might cannot be matched!
Talent chosen This shall suffice.
Power courses through me.
(evil cackle)
My service is rewarded.
Worth It

(Getting a kill

after getting killed)

Death is a tool of the Scourge.
In death, we conquer.


Ability Quote Audio
Cocoon Icon.png


Embrace the web of death.
You're mine!
Locust Swarm Icon.png

Locust Swarm

Suffer the fury of the host!
Pestilence upon you!



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