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Altered Fates
Altered Fates Art.jpg
Dates July 14 - July 28 (2020)
Duration 2 weeks
Theme Warcraft Warcraft / Diablo (franchise) Diablo
  • Greed Cho'Gall skin
  • High Priestess Maiev skin
  • Seeker mount
  • Whisperwind's Nightsaber mount

Altered Fates is a Warcraft- and Diablo-themed event in Heroes of the Storm that began on July 14, 2020.





Altered Fates Skins
Legendary Greed Cho'Gall
Backstory: Cho'gall, Baron of the Treasure Realm, revels in the gold and gems he collects from his goblin minions. He is not afraid to fiercely defend his riches.
Features: Themed abilities.
Cho'Gall Greed.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Cho'Gall Greed Ruby.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Cho'Gall Greed Emerald.jpg
Gem.png900 / Shard.png1,800
Epic High Priestess Maiev
Backstory: When she learned of Malfurion's betrayal, High Priestess Maiev Shadowsong amassed an unprecedented army to oppose her former beloved's fel magic.
Maiev High Priestess.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600
Maiev High Priestess Woodland.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600
Maiev High Priestess Twilight.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600


Altered Fates Mounts
Epic Seeker
Backstory: In a faraway realm untouched by the Burning Legion, herds of feral Seekers still roam Azeroth's golden plains.
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600
Seeker Woodland.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600
Seeker Twilight.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600
Epic Whisperwind's Nightsaber
Backstory: Warden Tyrande Whisperwind chose a nightsaber companion with a hunting instinct as strong as her own.
Whisperwind's Nightsaber.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600
Whisperwind's Nightsaber Temple.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600
Whisperwind's Nightsaber Betrayer's.jpg
Gem.png350 / Shard.png600


Altered Fates Portraits
Greed Cho'Gall Portrait.png
Greed Cho'Gall
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
High Priestess Maiev Portrait.png
High Priestess Maiev
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Seeker Portrait.png
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Whisperwind's Nightsaber Portrait.png
Whisperwind's Nightsaber
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40


Altered Fates Sprays
Greed's Gold Spray.png
Greed's Gold
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Nightsaber Cub Spray.png
Nightsaber Cub
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Shadowsong's Owl Spray.png
Shadowsong's Owl
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40
Umbra Crescent Spray.png
Umbra Crescent
Gem.png75 / Shard.png40


Altered Fates Pack Emoji Altered Fates Pack Altered Fates Maiev.png
Emoji Name Shortcuts
Emoji Altered Fates Pack Altered Fates Maiev.png Altered Fates Maiev :afmaiev:
Emoji Altered Fates Pack Altered Fates Malfurion.png Altered Fates Malfurion :afmalfurion:
Emoji Altered Fates Pack Altered Fates Greed.png Altered Fates Greed :afgreed:
Emoji Altered Fates Pack Altered Fates Owl.png Altered Fates Owl :afowl:
Emoji Altered Fates Pack Altered Fates Tiger.png Altered Fates Tiger :aftiger:



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