2015 BlizzCon World Championship

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Heroes of the Storm World Championship
Tournament Information
Organizer Blizzard
Location California
Prize Pool $500,000
Start Date 10/26/2015
End Date 11/7/2015
Website Website
Stream BlizzHeroes

The 2015 BlizzCon World Championship will be held on November 6-7, 2015 at Anaheim, California, United States.[1] A total of eight teams will participate with two teams from America (which includes teams from North and South America, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand), two teams from Europe, two teams from China, one team from Korea, and one team from Taiwan.[2] These teams will face-off in group stages until only four remain. Once the final four teams have been determined, they will battle it out in a single-elimination bracket until the first Heroes of the Storm world champions are crowned.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The European Championship[edit | edit source]

Open qualifying tournaments are currently taking place between July and September. The top finishers in each of these tournaments will move on to the European Championship.[3]

The Americas Championship[edit | edit source]

Five teams from North America and one team from Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Australia/New Zealand will meet up for the Americas Regional Championship. The top two from the Americas Championship will earn a place in the World Championship.

North America[edit | edit source]

A series of North America Open tournaments were held one each in June, July and August in the format of single-elimination in a best-of-three matches. The top eight teams from a qualifying weekend then battled in the North America Open itself the following weekend.[2]

The top eight stage of a North America Open switches to a double-elimination structure while continuing with the best-of-three format. The Americas Regional Championship will be held in September and with five teams from the monthly North America Opens: June’s winner, July’s first and second-place finishers, and August’s first and second-place finishers. [2]

South-East Asia[edit | edit source]

Throughout July and August, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand each held open tournaments. The four champions from those tournaments will then battle each other in Bangkok, Thailand for the chance to advance to the Americas Regional Championship.[2]

Latin America[edit | edit source]

The Latin America tournaments starts with a series of single-elimination open tournaments that will advance 16 sixteen teams to the next round. From there, that group of sixteen teams will battle their way down to eight via a dual group format tournament. The final eight will vie for the Latin America championship and a spot in the Americas Regional Championship in a single-elimination tournament in August.[2]

Australia and New Zealand[edit | edit source]

In late August, Australia and New Zealand will crown their champion via an 8-team double-elimination tournament. Local community tournaments will send two teams to that final battle in Sydney, Australia along with six teams from open qualifiers.[2]

The Chinese Championship[edit | edit source]

The South Korean Championship[edit | edit source]

The Taiwan Championship[edit | edit source]

Format[edit | edit source]

Bracket Format[edit | edit source]

  • Group stage
    • Top 4 to single elimination bracket
  • Single Elimination bracket

Prize Pool[edit | edit source]

Place Prize (USD) Team
First Place 1st $200,000 TBD
Second Place 2nd $TBD TBD
Third Place 3rd $TBD TBD
Fourth Place 4th $TBD TBD

Participating teams[edit | edit source]

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Tempo Storm
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Team Dignitas
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Natus Vincere
 Player 1  
 Player 2  
 Player 3  
 Player 4  
 Player 5  
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Team DK KR
 Player 1  
 Player 2  
 Player 3  
 Player 4  
 Player 5  
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Team YL
Team YL.png
 Player 1  
 Player 2  
 Player 3  
 Player 4  
 Player 5  
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Brave Heart
 Player 1  
 Player 2  
 Player 3  
 Player 4  
 Player 5  
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GIA Logo.png
 Player 1  
 Player 2  
 Player 3  
 Player 4  
 Player 5  
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Brackets[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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