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Humane syntax for specifying game icons. This template includes the three Blizzard's games: Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo.

Concise syntax: {{GameIcon|Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo|Large/Small}}

The following samples demonstrate the different possible icons from this template.

  • {{GameIcon|Heroes|large}} = Heroes of the Storm 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Heroes|small}} = Heroes of the Storm 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Warcraft|large}} = Warcraft 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Warcraft|small}} = Warcraft 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Starcraft|large}} = StarCraft 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Starcraft|small}} = StarCraft 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Diablo}} = Diablo (universo) 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Diablo|small}} = Diablo (universo) 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Hearthstone|large}} = Hearthstone 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Hearthstone|small}} = Hearthstone 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Blackthorne|large}} = Blackthorne (universo) 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Blackthorne|small}} = Blackthorne (universo) 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Vikings|large}} = The Lost Vikings 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Vikings|small}} = The Lost Vikings 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Racing|large}} = Rock n' Roll Racing 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Racing|small}} = Rock n' Roll Racing 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Overwatch|large}} = Overwatch 32.png
  • {{GameIcon|Overwatch|small}} = Overwatch 15.png
  • {{GameIcon|Metal|large}} = Metal Arms
  • {{GameIcon|Metal|small}} = Metal Arms

Sorting enabled

If you are using this icon in a sortable table, with no other text in the column, add |sort=. It visually looks identical, but the sorting is enabled. Do not use this feature when using this template in a header (== {{GameIcon|Diablo}} ==)

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