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El alzamiento del Señor de los Cuervos
Rise of the Raven Lord.jpg
Autor(es) Valerie Watrous
Artista(s) Suqling
Páginas 10
Publicador Blizzard Entertainment
Publicado 30 Abr 2018

El alzamiento del Señor de los Cuervos (también llamado El Ascenso de Lord Cuervo) es un cómic sobre Heroes of the Storm escrito por Valerie Watrous. Se centra en Lord Cuervo, y se lanzó el 30 en abril de 2018..[1]


The Raven Lord thinks other Realm Lords are "grasping and weak," and have no clue as a distant invading force is heading toward the Nexus, intent on destroying it. The Raven Lord has discovered a new Realm, and believes conquering it will help him repel the invaders. However, his armies aren't strong enough to capture the new realm, which forces him to unleashe the powers of the Dark Nexus (against the advice of his advisor Neeve). He then overpowers and absorbs a Dark Nexus Dehaka into his Singularity and bends the other creatures of the Dark Nexus to his will. As the first strike, the Raven Lord sends the Dark Nexus entites to Towers of Doom to defeat the Grave Keeper.


  • Señor de los Cuervos
  • Neeve
  • Orfea (mencionada)
  • Caballero
  • Dehaka del Nexo Oscuro
  • Alarak del Nexo Oscuro
  • Gul'dan del Nexo Oscuro



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